Why Nepal should be visited?

Firstly we like to give a little bit of physical introduction of our country Nepal. Nepal is a small and tiny country sandwiched between India to the west, south, east and to the Tibet, the province of China to the north.

So one can visit Nepal to understand the flat land bordering India and as well as the high altitude places to the north.

One should visit Nepal to continue to make their trip to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan as it lies to the east border of Nepal and to the Tibet to the north.

Nepal has got cities of religious importance with its own pre-historic cultures when we make the people explore Bhairhawa, Janakpur, Nepalgunj and so on.

Nepal offers the opportunity to understand the flora, fauna and wild life world when we make their trip to places like Chitwan, Bardiya, Suklaphata and National Parks from highlands like Sagarmatha National Park, Kanchanjunga National Park.

Nepal offers natural lakes with magnificent snow claded mountains when on the trip to the places like Karnali, Rara.

It still a place of importance to get a knowledge of the once kingdoms like Kantipur, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, Mustang and so on. It is a still a place of great importance and interest to learn the blend of people living together with a little bit of conflict irrespective of their caste, creed and religious beliefs.

Needless to say, the devotion of Hindus and Buddhists to their respective shrines without any sort of distraction when they are required which can be noticed by the travelers.

Lastly one should visit Nepal to feel the people devotion towards the visitors in spite of their limitations in their resources.

One should visit Nepal to understand the essence of the death and life, and the peace.