Thulakharkha Hike – Being So Lucky !

What a gentleman seatmate with a cool mindset,
moreover, so helpful and admirable.
That was just a good start
No doubt, the Kathmandu Pokhara ride was pleasant and enjoyable !

Hear and mind filled with full of excitement,
Needless to say, a warm Pokhara welcome and exquisite friend’s wait.
Encounter with Chitwan girls; hotel job and Seti Gorge’s attachment,
Though lean season, many crowds but still Lake Fewa quiet.

Nepali dinner and cool beer,
some discussion and justification.
It’s not abnormal, sometimes, friends’ far and near,
Life is full of compromise and education.

A small wait, quick breakfast and 1.5 hrs Kande drive,
Tibetan shopkeeper’s smile, after local people interaction, gradual hike started.
Beautiful waterfall and small pond, but for sure only for enjoyment as no one can dive,
Jungle walk, nice landscape snaps, at the ridge, exciting Dutch family encountered.

Slight rainfall, foggy Thulakharkha aka Australian Camp, views was fine,
Not exhausting 2.30 hrs hike,
Few hotels, organic lunch, indeed a good sign,
Wow ! some friendly tourists, but, not any strike.

Korean group’s chorus with a stunning sunrise been captured,
All enjoyed magnificent Mt. Fishtail, Mt. Annapurna I, No ! not at all misty.
No pretext, again, meditating lovely friends encountered,
Overall, it is an ecstatic 02 days trip and we were happy to claim “being so lucky”